May 3, 2010 - The Blog is Moving to a New Home

As of today, this blog will be moving to a new home. All of the posts from this blog have been relocated, so you can still access archived content. The blog will continue to bring you news and commentary on the use of statistical analysis in employment law, but will also feature posts on EEO compliance, recruiting and hiring, social media, employment and HR best practices, and managing employment litigation risk.

The new site, The Proactive Employer Blog, is now your one-stop source for blog posts, podcast installments, webinar and live event information, and news from the Equal Employment Advisory and Litigation Support Division (EEA/LS) of Minimax Consulting. All new content will be added at the new address; no additional content will be added to this site.

You can subscribe at the new site via e-mail or RSS feed. You can also update your RSS reader with the new feed address. We hope you'll join us over at  The Proactive Employer Blog!

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