May Installments of The Proactive Employer Podcast

May 7 : Recruiting, Discrimination and the EEOC with Karen Mattonen - In this installment, we will be discussing what recruiters need to know about the Uniform Guidelines of the Employment Selection Process and their liability for discrimination in selection. Our guest fr this installment is Karen Mattonen. Ms. Mattonen is an experienced, successful recruiter who operates her own business and is actively involved in many industry organizations and activities.

May 14 : Social Media: What Employers Need to Know with Eric Meyer - In this installment, we'll be discussing social media policies with our guest Eric Meyer. Mr. Meyer is an attorney at Dilworth Paxson. He concentrates his practice to litigating and providing counsel to employers throughout the mid-Atlantic region on labor and employment issues. Mr. Meyer's experience also includes preparing social media policies, and he has been quoted in regard to such policies in Business Insurance and

May 21 : Trends in Sex and LGBT Discrimination Law with Teresa Cheek - In this installment, we will be discussing trends in Sex and LGBT Discrimination Law with Teresa Cheek. Ms. Cheek is a partner in the Employment Law Division of Young Conaway Stargatt and Taylor. Among the topics to be discussed are gender discrimination, gender stereotyping, sexual harassment and same-sex harassment, and LGBT discrimination.

May 28 : Reductions in Force: A 10 Point Inspection - in this installment, I will be discussing the potential pitfalls for employers in conducting reductions in force. I will provide a "10 Point Inspection" that employers can use in evaluating and assessing the reduction in force prior to implementation.