EEA/LS Offers Risk Management Svcs Featuring Open Pricing

EEA/LS Offers Employment Litigation Risk Management Services Featuring Open Pricing
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Minimax Consulting is pleased to announce that their Equal Employment Advisory and Litigation Support Division (EEA/LS) now offers employment litigation risk management services with open pricing.
One of the top challenges for businesses in 2010 is avoiding employment lawsuits, which are on the rise. By most estimates, the median settlement payout in an employment practice liability lawsuit is nearly $90,000, excluding attorneys’ fees. Recent reports estimate that the average cost of defending an employment discrimination case from beginning to end is approximately $250,000. One way to meet this challenge head-on is to engage in proactive analyses that assess and minimize your risk of employment-related litigation.

Stephanie R. Thomas, Ph.D., Director of the EEA/LS Division stated, “Given the current business climate, it’s more important than ever for employers to examine employment decisions with respect to equity. Identifying potential problem areas and taking corrective action where appropriate, before escalation to litigation stage, makes sense. Defending an employment matter is very expensive, in terms of time, money, and reputation. In my experience, many matters that resulted in litigation could have been prevented had the employer performed some basic statistical analysis of its data with respect to equity. Some of our competitors view these kinds of proactive analyses as a ‘by-product’ of their litigation work. We think that these proactive analyses are critically important, and by conducting them a lot of litigation can be avoided.”

Minimax’s EEA/LS offers a variety of solutions to assess and minimize exposure to employment-related litigation across the entire employment lifecycle: recruiting and hiring, initial assignment, initial pay, compensation decisions, promotions, terminations, and reductions in force planning. Each of these analyses is offered on a “stand-alone” basis; employers can examine one issue at a time, proceeding with additional analyses according to their schedule and budget.

The open pricing model also gives employers control over the cost of these projects since clients know the price of the services ahead of time. Dr. Thomas stated, “I’m very excited about the new pricing structure. Our proactive analyses are designed to assist our clients in managing employment litigation risk. By offering these analyses with open pricing, we’re able to further reduce our clients’ risk. Billing by the hour actually introduces risk, because the client has no control over the cost of the project. Our open pricing model puts that control back in the hands of the client.”

Litigation avoidance, proactive planning, and compliance programs are critically important for businesses in 2010. EEA/LS is uniquely positioned to assist in your litigation avoidance and proactive planning efforts. At Minimax Consulting, we think that the best approach is to get ahead of potential problems before they evolve to the litigation stage. Call us at (401) 331-6360 to see if we can help your organization identify and manage your employment litigation risk.