Workplace Class Action Litigation: Pro-Active Planning 'Critically Important'

On January 12, 2010, Seyfarth Shaw announced the availability of their Sixth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report.  Information about this report can be found here:

A press release issued by Seyfarth Shaw highlights the increasing number of class action and collective action matters filed, as well as the financial exposure these matters present to employers:
"Since we began publishing this annual report six years ago, both the number of cases filed and the financial exposure that they pose to companies has increased exponentially," said J. Stephen Poor, Chair and Managing Partner of Seyfarth Shaw.  "As plaintiffs' attorneys bring increasingly sophisticated litigation against employers that combine claims under multiple statutes, the financial exposure is only going to become greater for businesses."
Regarding this year's report, Gerald Maatman, Jr., Co-Chair of the firm's Complex Discrimination Litigation Practice Group states:
"One certain conclusion drawn from this year's report is that employment law class action and collective action litigation is becoming ever more sophisticated and will continue to be a source of significant financial exposure to employers well into the future... [G]iven the enormous financial stakes, pro-active planning and legal compliance programs - to get ahead of class action risks - are critically important for businesses in 2010."

Developing an employment litigation risk assessment and management plan is an important component of your overall business strategy.  Minimax Consulting has more than a decade of experience in the statistical analysis of wage and hour issues and employment decisions, including hiring, promotion, termination, and compensation.  If you are interested in incorporating a formal statistical analysis as part of your compliance and litigation risk management program, please contact me for a consultation.