A Practical Guide to Compensation Self-Auditing eBook Now Available on Lulu

My eBook "A Practical Guide to Compensation Self-Auditing: Understanding the How and Why of Compensation" is now available on Lulu. The eBook provides a thorough discussion of compensation self-auditing, including:

  • why you should conduct a compensation self-audit;
  • the self-audit framework: how are individuals compensated and why are individuals compensated at different rates;
  • understanding and constructing similarly situated employee groupings;
  • edge factors;
  • data measurability and availability, and choosing and using proxy variables;
  • data collection;
  • multiple regression analysis;
  • practical and statistical significance;
  • conducting follow-up investigations;
  • developing and implementing an ongoing compensation monitoring program.
The information is provided in a non-technical manner, and is intended for readers with little to no quantitative background.

The eBook is available on Lulu and can be found here. A preview is available, and includes information about the author, the table of contents, and the complete introductory section.