Department of Labor Fall 2009 Regulatory Agenda

At 10 AM today, the Department of Labor announced their Fall 2009 Regulatory Agenda. The theme appears to be "good jobs for everyone".  Secretary Solis has outlined 12 specific strategic outcomes spanning across the Department of Labor's agencies:

  1. increasing workers' incomes and narrowing wage and income inequality;
  2. securing safe and healthy workplaces, wages and overtime, particularly in high-risk industries;
  3. assuring skills and knowledge that prepare workers to succeed in a knowledge-based economy, including high-growth and emerging industry sectors like "green" jobs;
  4. breaking down barriers to fair and diverse work places so that every worker's contribution is respected;
  5. improving health benefits and retirement security for all workers;
  6. providing work place flexibility for family and personal care-giving;
  7. facilitating return to work for workers experiencing work place injuries or illnesses who are able to work and sufficient income and medical care for those who are unable to work;
  8. income support when work is impossible or unavailable;
  9. helping workers who are in low-wage jobs or out of the labor market find a path into middle class jobs;
  10. ensuring workers have a voice in the work place;
  11. assuring that global markets are governed by fair market rules that protect vulnerable people,. including women and children, and provide workers a fair share of their productivity and voice in their work lives;
  12. helping middle class families remain in the middle class.
The Secretary has directed each agency to ensure that all priority regulatory projects support
achievement of one or more of the strategic outcomes that support the good jobs for everyone